Our Story

Crafting the Future with 3D Printing

Insculp is revolutionizing manufacturing in the EMEA region with advanced large format 3D printing. Our innovative solutions transform ambitious ideas into tangible realities, setting new standards for customization and sustainability.


Setting global standards in digital fabrication, we transform spaces with pioneering 3D printing technologies.


Creating practical and innovative architectural designs with large format digital fabrication.


Crafting unique 3D printed sculptures that bring artistic visions to life.


Developing custom pieces using advanced 3D printing techniques to showcase new possibilities.

OUR purpose


Making 3D printing accessible and blending aesthetics with function, we drive innovation in every creation.

Values & code of conduct

We want to create a legacy that makes the world a better place, and our key values will help us achieve that.

Our Core Values

Pushing boundaries with every project.
From consultation to delivery, our clients rely on the integrity, quality, and reliability that Insculp represents.
Adapting to each project’s unique needs, we serve a wide range of industries, demonstrating our ability to handle any challenge.
Visionary Thinking
We see endless possibilities, turning innovative ideas into reality and pushing the limits of large format 3D printing.
Turning visions into reality.
We are dedicated to eco-friendly processes, prioritizing sustainability at every step
We transform designs into forms, showcasing our dedication to quality in every piece.

Meet the visionaries behind insculp

Subramani Balakrishnan


"The strategic mind transforming 3D printing landscapes."

Bindu Subramani


"Innovating at the intersection of technology and design."

Devna Subramani

Managing Director

"Driving growth with a focus on sustainability."


In an industry where traditional manufacturing and standard 3D printing often fall short, InSculp excels by addressing key pain points such as customization constraints, scalability issues, sustainability concerns, and extended lead times. We leverage large format 3D printing to transform these challenges into opportunities for innovation and excellence:

Advanced Pellet Printers: Our state-of-the-art pellet printers offer unmatched precision and quality, enabling the creation of intricate and robust large format 3D prints.
Top-of-the-Line 3D Printers: For smaller elements, we use high-precision FDM 3D printers to ensure meticulous detail and superior quality.
Sustainable Practices: Committed to sustainability, we incorporate recycling into our manufacturing processes, minimizing our carbon footprint and supporting a circular economy.
Post Processing: Beyond 3D printing, we handle every aspect of post-processing, from cutting and painting to finishing, ensuring each piece meets our exacting standards.
Large Format Capabilities: Our customizable large format 3D printers can handle projects up to 3 meters in height, perfect for ambitious and sizable designs.
Rapid Production: Our fast production capabilities ensure quick turnaround times, allowing you to meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality.
Versatility: Our technology supports a wide range of applications, from architectural elements and sculptures to intricate decorative pieces, ensuring versatility in every project.
Expert Team: Our talented designers and fabricators bring expertise and creativity to every project, ensuring exceptional results.


Even though we are a 3D printing company, our core competency is in crafting forms.

Subramani Balakrishnan
Managing Director, Insculp

Even though we are a 3D printing company, our core competency is in crafting forms.

Subramani Balakrishnan
Managing Director, Insculp

Even though we are a 3D printing company, our core competency is in crafting forms.

Subramani Balakrishnan
Managing Director, Insculp

Our Technology

We harness cutting-edge 3D printing technologies to deliver exceptional quality and precision. Our capabilities extend from large format 3D printing to post processing.

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